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The Art of The Heart*

Salam alaykum! This time, naskah of the week goes international. The goal: To be rahmat for the universe! Authored by Dynamic Deniz. Hope you can enjoy this new taste.

The Art of The Heart

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Knowing what is right doesn’t mean that you will always do the right thing. So, why is it much easier doing wrong things?

Maybe it’s just one of the main thing human do. They tend to do things they like rather than do things they dont like. Even if we know we have to do those things we dont like, we still have those tendencies. Doing things we like and avoiding things we don’t like.

The key is: how to like the things we have to do. And how to dislike the things we shouldn’t do. That’s the art of motivation. Because nothing is more motivating than doing something we like and having to do it, in the same time.

How to like things we dont like and otherwise

Okay. Its something therapists and counselors try to do for a living. Lot’s of theories in psychology has tried to explain the human state of self in addition to achieve this main goal. But talking about likes and dislikes, it’s the main duty of what we generally know as “the heart”.

It is said in modern neuropsychology that “the heart” isnt placed on our physical heart organ that pumps blood to our entire body. It is a result of a synchronize interaction in our brains that involves different parts of its area caused by its unique speciality. When we feel sad, happy, angry, or other so-called “emotions”, there’s a special part of our brain that works and make us feel what we feel. It is called the right hemisphere. It controls how we feel towards our surrounding. It is the part of the brain that controls our emotion.

As we know, brain can develop. We develop our brain by learning. Every sensation we receive from our senses and brought to the brain results in a change of the brain’s neural connections. That’s what happens when we learn. Physically speaking.

Because our emotions is based on a brain matter or area (that is called right hemisphere) and the brain can change it’s physical state (that is called learning) then what we think is impossible is eventually possible. We can learn to change our emotions. We can control our emotions. We can choose what we like and what we dont like. Its just a matter of learning.

But first, to control something means that we should recognize it. We have to know about it well. If we want to control our feelings, we should know how we feel. And to know it, we have to give our attention to it. It is important to listen to our hearts. And to succeed understanding our hearts, what we need is knowledge from the maker of our hearts. And He has teaches us through the prophet and Qur’an. A time to read, a time to learn. ***

“Language and The Brain” by Loraine K. Obler and Kris Gjerlow.
This book tells about how our brains enable us to speak creatively and build up an understanding of language. It focus on linguistic and neuro-atonomical underpinnings of language. The part about emotion is described in Chapter 7: right brain damage (page 78)

*)Naskah of The Week 2nd week Rabiul Akhir 1432 H

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